Copywriter, Editor, Proofreader, Translator


Time Service

Selected works

Soan Architects – Buildings and Projects
Soan Architekten (eds), translation (Ger.-Eng.)

The Demographic Challenge. A Handbook about Japan
German Institute for Japanese Studies, Tokyo (ed.), index, text editing and proofing, Web site

red dot communication design yearbook 2007/2008,  2008/2009
Peter Zec (ed.), ediorial copy & translations (Ger.-Eng.), sample pages

Hall of Fame – Volume 2: Design for a better quality of life
Icsid (ed.), translations (Ger.-Eng.), sample pages (pdf)

Who's Who in Design – The Leading Designers of the World Volume 3
Peter Zec (ed.), translation (Ger.-Eng.), sample pages (pdf)

red dot design yearbook 2004,  2005/2006,  2006/2007,  2007/2008,  2008/2009,  2009/2010
Peter Zec (ed.), editorial copy, proofreading (Eng.) & translations (Ger.-Eng. + Eng.-Ger.), sample pages

german design standards vol. II
Peter Zec, translation (Ger.-Eng. + Eng.-Ger.), sample pages (pdf)

Auschwitz – Photographische Fragmente
Steffan Sturm (photographer), audio engineering, Web site

Intervall-audio – Electronic music
Web site, concept, copy & content management, Web site

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