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Network partners

Intervall-text offers to arrange contact
with a network of professional media experts.
Perfectly matched to your needs, we can form
individual teams that will help realise the
full potential and impact of your project.

Do not hesitate to contact us for additional details.
We look forward to hearing about you and your project!

Modis Design || Copywriting and design services, Tokyo
Bettina Derksen || Text and communication, Simmern
Kirsten Müller || PR & copywriting services, Essen
Yoko Suzuki || Japanese proofreading, Tokyo
Klaus Dimmler || German proofreading, Essen
Aim Design || Web and graphic design, Tokyo
Sinnflut-Projekt || Media experts, Dusseldorf
2morrowmedia || Multimedia design, Neuss
Dirk Rampoldt || Usability, Dusseldorf
Miwa Kondo || Illustration, Nagoya

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